what we do

MARTS Logistics is a consultancy service provider that strives to offer only the best-valued fleet management consultancy services to fleet maintenance operations, both big and small, in public and private sector. We believe that the large numbers of fleet operations that have engaged our services for the last three years that we have been in operation are the best testament to our ability to achieve this goal.

Our fleet consultants are committed to providing fleet management consulting services whose value exceeds their costs, because we understand that the decision to engage a fleet management consulting firm is a momentous one for many organizations.

In fact, many fleet maintenance operations often contract with a consulting firm only after all possible avenues for solving a problem or answering a question have been exhausted. Our consultants recognize that many fleet operations spend years trying to secure funds to hire a consulting firm, and that, once secured; such funds generate a significant "Return on Investment". To this end, we are prepared to address every facet of our clients' fleet operations, not just the obvious or easily understood practices.

Our role is to clarify your position and assess your options. We identify the most effective arrangements for your business and deliver to you clear recommendations. But we don't just give a report. We turn our recommendations into actions and help you implement the proposals.

In our ongoing effort to provide affordable consulting services, we now offer online access to our fleet consultants through phones, email, instant messaging and other internet tools. This allows us to eliminate the cost of onsite visits for clients that are comfortable interacting with resources through the internet.