Process Outsourcing

How well do you understand driver/employee hiring rules, regulations, and requirements? Are you conducting solid background checks?

What we offer to our members;

  • We do references to other transporters on your behalf at no cost to you. We take the responsibility for released information and break the link between you and the employee.

  • You receive references from other carrier members at no cost when doing your own investigations.

  • If a driver requests to see what information has been collected about him/her, you can refer him/her to RoadWatchKenya. We will make the information available and take responsibility for what is reported.

  • Inspections & Physical Risks Surveys

  • Independent HSSE Management Systems

  • Cross-reference the RoadWatchKenya database for any additional places of employment or accidents the driver may have left off his/her application.

As a basic member, you can also have RoadWatchKenya do a 2-5 year investigation on any applications that you receive.

You are invited to post your company’s recruiting profile which is introduced to thousands of pre-qualified drivers every month.

Qualifying Process

MARTS has continually supplied Class A, BCE and I commercial truck drivers throughout the East Africa for over 10 years. We avail commercial drivers for short and long term assignments, as well as providing ongoing driver staffing services, payroll administration, and benefit administration. Today, more Fleet Managers are taking advantage of our flexible and scalable driver recruiting programs to help improve their ability to cost effectively hire and manage drivers. For any of these services, please contact our corporate office.

Many employers invest a lot to recruit and train driver but retaining them remains a great challenge. As such, we offer a third eye to your business as perceived by your employees and give pre-exit interviews as well for those who decide to leave your employ. Valuable information collected from these undertakings can help protect your company from the risks and costs of negligent hiring and firing decisions.

Recruitment Process


Develop Job Specifications

Acting as your recruiting partner, we work with you to translate your driver requirements into clear job specifications that we can use to accurately identify the "right fit" candidates for your consideration.


Create Driver-oriented Profiles

We translate those specifications into a compelling presentation that is likely to grab the attention of potential candidates, highlighting points that are of greatest importance to drivers.


Develop A Sourcing Plan

MARTS drafts a Sourcing Plan tailored to your individual job requisition. We then contact potential drivers and present the opportunity while simultaneously screening each candidate's qualification.

We measure each candidate against the job specs we develop with you. Quality drivers who are interested in great jobs can apply below.

Company Recruitment Profile Application

Companies or hiring managers interested in cost-effectively hiring qualified drivers can apply by sending their recruiting profile to or by filling the form below.

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Driver Job Application

Quality drivers who have the necessary qualifications can apply for jobs by sending their resume to or by filling the form below.

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